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"In addition to regular essential items, we are looking to seal an agreement with Milco at end of this month to become the sole agent for North and we will start with around Rs 5-10 Mn Milco distribution here" said CWE Chairman Rizwan Hameem, and added: "We are also planning to purchase wholesale rice directly from Paddy Marketing Board, sugar from Sugar Corporation and salt from Mantai Salt so that we can give the best wholesale prices.
He shoved the thought away and concentrated instead on Milco, on some prized yet inexpensive gift he might bring.
(14.) Milco Aarts, "Hooligan baas in stadion," Telegraaf, September 18, 2004.
Historian Todor Cepreganov says Macedonians should be proud with the adoption of the first Constitution, the accession of Macedonia into the United Nations, the process of restitution of the Macedonian culture, history and archeology and the appearance of individuals of global reputation, such as Simon Trpceski, Boris Trajanov, Milco Mancevski, Zan Mitrev, etc.
Creemos que los libros son bienes necesarios para cualquier pais en desarrollo o desarrollado, a este criterio se sumo, la Camara Venezolana del Libro (Cavelibro, 2009) en un comunicado enviado al Ministerio de Industria Ligeras y comercio (MILCO) donde expusieron que esta medida coloca en riesgo a mas de 400 pequenas y medianas empresas del sector del libro en Venezuela, las cuales generan una masa laboral de alrededor de 35.000 trabajadores, de forma directa e indirecta; y en cuanto al impacto academico destaca lo siguiente: "esta decision unilateral por parte del Milco impide el desarrollo intelectual, cientifico, y tecnologico de los venezolanos, colocando a nuestro pais al margen de las innovaciones en el ambito mundial".
This is what Macedonian director Milco Mancevski spoke of in his film Dust: "The Balkans--where the centuries do not follow each other but rather exist side by side." In Bosnia, let us note, by way of example, that today women from the Larva Valley to the area around Vares still give themselves tattoos because of the vague memory of the Bosnian queen Katarina, they cook what they cook because of the Ottomans, and they do so after riding buses home from the factories in which they, and their mothers, found employment in the communist days.
As the exclusive producer of 5 major food and packaging brands in the UAE (Milco, Lacnor, Oasis, Arla and Modern Plastic), the formation of this strategic partnership agreement reflects NFPC's aspiration for consistently reliable high-quality travel management services to facilitate the business travel and accommodation requirements of its sales and senior management teams.
Jelen [veled-i] Koco, yokdur; Nikola [veled-i] Dane, mevcud; Huseyin [bin] Hasan, mevcud; Nenko [veled-i] Milco, mevcud; Marko [veled-i] Petre, mevcud; Osman peyk (57) bin [...], (58) cift 1.
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In Home And Away, Sally (Kate Ritchie) discovers who imaginary childhood friend Milco really is.