MILCONMilitary Construction
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CWO3 Danielle Cummins provides the experience and foresight necessary to effectively plan and coordinate all Marine Corps specific MILCON and MRE projects, FAS management, and USMC fuel requirements.
A detailed lighting report for the TEMF can be found in Appendix F of the MILCON Summary Report (ACE HQ 2011).
In addition to replacing the tanks the MILCON will address the following deficiencies.
3 million MILCON project that significantly upgraded the fuel facilities at NAS Fallon.
From 2001 to 2005, URS earned $792 million from military construction and environmental cleanup projects approved by MILCON; Perini secured $759 million from MILCON projects.
Yet, MILCON was not the chosen mode of execution for most ERI construction projects in FY 15.
The budget for MILCON (military spending for facilities on bases) is forecast to be $144 million, but won't involve any large projects.
There is the potential to construct MILCON aircraft parking aprons at the proposed future site in Niger," he wrote, mentioning a specific type of military construction funding dedicated to use for "enduring" bases rather than transitory facilities.
Full funding applies to Procurement and MILCON (Military Construction) appropriations, where costs are considered "investments.
Energy and Water Conservation Design Guide (for Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) and MILCON Projects).