MILCONMilitary Construction
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We also explained why MILCON funding is necessary to maintain our existing infrastructure and to build the new facilities required for growth mission areas.
According to documents provided by Wilderman, five contracts worth more than $322 million (to be paid via MILCON funds) were awarded for Camp Lemonnier in late 2013.
item assembly, quality assurance) Replenishment O&M Annual 1 Year Sub-Activity Spares; Fuel; Group Civilian Pay; Travel; Construction Projects < $750K; Non- Centrally managed end items <$250K system unit cost Military MILPER Annual 1 Year Budget Personnel Activity Expenses Major MILCON Full 5 Years Project Construction Projects >$750K Annual Funding: Budget for the amount you expect to need in that fiscal year.
Title 10 USC [section] 2805(a) authorizes the use of MILCON funds to construct UMMC projects.
The answer was than for Korea, major MILCON programs (Yongsan Relocation Program and Land Partnership Program) and the ROK will fund approximately 80%.
We have briefed a significant number of members of the Senate and the House, and staffs of not just your committee but the Appropriations Committee, the Armed Services Committee, the ForeignRelations Committee and the MILCON subcommittees of some House and Senate members.
In response to one BRACC question about what infrastructure is in place at Edwards to house the REDCAP mission, the Air Force colonel answered, "Infrastructure currently available within the Air Force Flight Test Center [at Edwards] to accommodate the REDCAP mission includes the overall facility (some MILCON is needed for work in the existing building), scenario and environment generation capability, data analysis computers, host capabilities for the system under test, and the ability to conduct hardware-in-the-loop testing against threat radars netted into a simulated IADS [Integrated Air Defense System].
Weber, "Optimal Detection Considerations for Low Probability of Intercept," MILCON '82 Conference Record, Vol.
During the three-year MILCON, three subterranean JP-5 jet fuel tanks were replaced with new, state-of-the art, 100,000 gallon above-ground tanks.
Also, other Corps of Engineers MILCON project spending is included in the $552 million defense forecast for 2016.
MILCON energy efficiency and sustainability study of five types of army buildings.