MILCOTSMilitary Commercial off the Shelf
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Approximately 600 units of the MILCOTS order will be delivered during fiscal year 2009 with the remaining units to be delivered in fiscal year 2010.
The Canadian Army's fleet of MLVWs have been dying off as one would expect, and in their place, the military is using rentals and their new fleet of MSVS MilCOTS (Military Commercial off-the-shelf Vehicles) to supplement the losses.
Navistar has already claimed victory in winning the Militarized Commercial Off-The-Shelf (MilCOTS) vehicle contract, delivering the final of 1300 trucks in 2011.
Navistar has produced Military Commercial off-the-Shelf (MILCOTS) vehicles for Canada's Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) project.
In a controversial move, Navistar Defence LLC was handed a $274 million contract for 1,300 Militarized Commercial Off-the-Shelf (MilCOTS) vehicles.
With the contract awarded in January 2009, the first MilCOTS vehicles, which are to be used in domestic operations, were received in July 2009 with the rest slated to arrive by summer 2010.
Holly Apostoliuk, a spokesperson for the CDS, is that Public Works "expects to release the final [Request for Proposals] for the MILCOTS (Militarized Commercial Off-The-Shelf) mid to late spring 2007." However, one can be forgiven for saying they've heard this before.