MILDECMilitary Deception
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Generally, PSYOP and MILDEC are concerned with influencing others, while other types of information dissemination (e.
18) Additionally, host nation laws might limit the nature of PSYOP and MILDEC operations.
an insurgent group), MILDEC is targeted toward specific individuals.
4, Military Deception, is the specific doctrine for joint MILDEC operations.
The use of MILDEC has a rich legacy in military history.
The sixteenth century political-military theorist Niccolo Machiavelli provided an outstanding description of MILDEC operations when he wrote, "a general ought to divide the enemy's strength by making him suspicious of his confidants, or by obliging him to employ his forces in different places and detachment at once.
Field Manual 3-0, Operations is the starting point for the Army's definition of MILDEC and PSYOP.
Air Force Doctrine Document 2-5, Information Operations, is the starting point for the Air Force's definition of MILDEC and PSYOPS.
Both services acknowledge that PSYOP and MILDEC operations enhance the other IO pillars, as well as kinetic operations.
If PSYOP or MILDEC is not conducted according to the legal and regulatory regimen, one possible result is that the operation will backfire on an operational or even strategic level.
One of the two starting points for advising any tactical level PSYOP or MILDEC operation is Department of Defense Directive 2311.
This is not to say that psychological effects or MILDEC does not exist or that we do not conduct them, but most operators receive little formal training in these areas.