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MILEMinnesota Institute of Legal Education
MILEMobile! Intensive Learning Experience (various schools)
MILEMaster of International Law and Economics (World Trade Institute; graduate degree)
MILEMetadata Image Library Exploitation
MILEMetropolitan Institute for Leadership in Education (University Park, IL)
MILEMedication Information Line for the Elderly
MILEMotorcyclists Improving Legislative Effectiveness
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"One estimates it thirty miles, because the internal heat, increasing at the rate of about one degree to each sixty to seventy feet depth, would be sufficient to fuse the most refractory substances at that distance beneath the surface.
Neither, then, is sufficient to bear us in the safety through eight thousand miles of rock to the antipodes."
Lewis and Clarke struck the main body of the river at the forks, about four hundred miles from its mouth.
They failed to make Forty Mile that night, and when they passed that camp next day Daylight paused only long enough to get the mail and additional grub.
But the shot passed some feet above the cetacean, which was half a mile off.
Under the glasses the disc appeared at the distance of five miles. What would an aeronaut, borne to this distance from the earth, distinguish on its surface?
This valle varies from five to ten miles in breadth; it is bounded b step-formed terraces, which rise in most parts, one above th other, to the height of five hundred feet, and have on th opposite sides a remarkable correspondence.
I made two mile and a half, and then struck out a quarter of a mile or more towards the middle of the river, because pretty soon I would be passing the ferry landing, and people might see me and hail me.
That night we covered nearly five-and-twenty miles; but, needless to say, found no more water, though we were lucky enough the following day to get a little shade behind some ant-heaps.
"Dear little Miles, dear little Miles, if you KNEW how I want to help you!
By evening, the log showed that two hundred and twenty miles had been accomplished from Hong Kong, and Mr.
This vast region is situated between the fifteenth and tenth degrees of north latitude; that is to say, that, in order to approach it, the explorer must penetrate fifteen hundred miles into the interior of Africa.