MILES 2000

MILES 2000Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System 2000
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LPDD is conceived as a replacement for the old MILES (called SAWE II), nor the new MILES 2000, which is non-instrumented, meaning it is nor equipped with GPS receivers or radio transmitters.
"Up until now, MILES 2000 was only used for home station training.
"The original intent was nor to have MILES 2000 at the training centers.
"With the MILES 2000, you would not know where your soldiers are at any given time, because there is no radio o GPS." The goal of the LPDD program, he added, is to demonstrate that the technology exists to produce a lightweight, low power device to replace the older, heavier systems now used to train soldiers at the Combat Training Centers.
The non-instrumented MILES 2000 gear weighs 4 pounds.