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MXXIMILES XXI (follow-on to MILES 2000, Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System, US Army)
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Bradley crews have experienced challenges with MILES XXI during DATE rotations at NTC.
* Crews should review installation and operating instructions prior to use of MILES XXI systems and understand basic troubleshooting procedures.
* Inspect MILES XXI upon receipt for broken pins and/or dirty connections.
Army is acquiring an upgraded Miles XXI, made by Lockheed Martin Corp., which received a $4.2 million contract in early 2002.
Willersjo noted that UWTS is "completely different" from the Miles XXI system, because instead of working with lasers, it uses radio frequency identification technology.
Robert J Wolfinger, US Army Simulation & Training and Instrumentation Command (Stricom) Miles XXI project director, declared that it may be necessary to compromise fidelity for the sake of price, but during a live firing demonstration on the Garlstedt ranges, delegates could judge for themselves the levels of fidelity achieved so far.
CSAS is compatible with both Miles 2000 and Miles XXI laser-engagement instrumentation systems currently used in training exercises.
STRICOM authorized Lockheed Martin Information Systems, of Orlando, to begin low-rate initial production of MILES XXI, featuring improvements such as longer-life batteries, reduced power consumption and more rugged components.