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MILKAMilch Kakao (German chocolate brand)
MILKAMiddle Island Lighthouse Keepers Association (Rockland, ME)
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Milka, a black-spotted, broad-haunched bitch with prominent black eyes, got up on seeing her master, stretched her hind legs, lay down like a hare, and then suddenly jumped up and licked him right on his nose and mustache.
The police said Milka was caught in the act of 'acquiring' a plastic sachet containing a white crystalline substance.
Authored by jurist Milka Kahn and journalist Anne VA[c]ron, the book compiles the experiences of women who opted either to remain loyal to the organization or to defiantly escape it, the latter choice sometimes resulting in tragic consequences.
The line of Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars is the latest innovation to be released from the Oreo Wonder Vault, where Oreo taste-tests its new products before releasing them on the market.
Dubai: Dubai Municipality on Thursday recalled Milka Oreo chocolate bars from stores after a wrong translation in labeling mentioned "alcohol" in the Arabic list of ingredients.
Although the Milka chocolate drink is not advertised as broadly as Nesquik, it benefits indirectly by the overall broad advertising of the Milka chocolate brand range, which is popularised by television advertisement, as well as in printed and outdoor media.
Milka, a Management Economics graduate from Ateneo, says there is no better mentor in business than her mom.
Toblerone and Milka - toblerone and Milka | Owners Mondelez International have con-firmed that Bournville will look to pitch for new products made elsewhere by Mondelez as part of the agreement announced this week with unions.
Milka Gecheva worked as Director of the Construction Department of the Agency a the office responsible for the issuing of the so-called Act 16 allowing the use of a particular building.
Once Western reporters exit Iraq, the missing Boris (later discovered working for British television in Baghdad) becomes a cause celebre, forcing Toni to face his aunt on a popular television show: "the final showdown between me and Milka, on the TV battlefield, like an epic folk song.
Products and companies such as Milka, Nokia, Adidas, Dacia or Nivea are typical symbols of the best price-quality ratio for Romanian consumers, according to the first Best Buy Award research conducted in Romania by the Swiss organization Icertias.
Other brands available for the Tassimo system include Jacobs, Kenco and Gevalia coffee, Milka and Cadbury hot chocolate and Twinings teas.