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Therefore, as it is a million you want, sire, and that million is not set down here, it is forty-six millions your majesty stands in need of.
monseigneur; whether it be to be spent or put away is of very little consequence to me, since none of these millions are mine.
To land half a million soldiers on our shores would strain the resources of any of you.
To describe this growth in a single sentence, we might say that the Bell telephone secured its first million of capital in 1879; its first million of earnings in 1882; its first million of dividends in 1884; its first million of surplus in 1885.
After examining the papers, the King put them away and promised him an order on the Lord High Treasurer of the Extortion Department for a million tumtums.
From the close of the year 1811 intensified arming and concentrating of the forces of Western Europe began, and in 1812 these forces- millions of men, reckoning those transporting and feeding the army- moved from the west eastwards to the Russian frontier, toward which since 1811 Russian forces had been similarly drawn.
Well, out of the five or six millions which form your real capital, you have just lost nearly two millions, which must, of course, in the same degree diminish your credit and fictitious fortune; to follow out my simile, your skin has been opened by bleeding, and this if repeated three or four times will cause death -- so pay attention to it, my dear Monsieur Danglars.
He accounted for the existence of the million and a half of revolutionists in the United States by charging the capitalist class with having mismanaged society.
Hale immediately increased his secret service till a quarter of a million flowed weekly from his coffers.
Halfacre's bonds, notes, mortgages, and other liabilities, making a sum total that amounted to the odd six hundred thousand dollars; this still left him, however, a handsome paper balance of two millions.
At a time when, riding his hunch, he was getting half a million for half a sack of flour, it was nothing less than insanity to give twenty whole sacks to a dancing-girl and a priest.
The reception was in the English department, of course, which is eight hundred and eleven million miles from the New Jersey line.