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MILNETMilitary Network
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Several weeks later the Pentagon abruptly disconnected Milnet, an unclassified military network, from Arpanet because a defense contractor's computers had in recent months been violated several times.
The Parkin Properties on Sudbury's north range includes the former Milnet Mine, the high-grade Milnet 1500 Zone and the Parkin Resource.
From there, the hacker entered many research and military computers through the Arpanet and Milnet networks.
The military network, known as Milnet, will be used to interconnect classified computer sites; the other, R&Dnet, will serve unclassified sites only.
He became convinced that hackers were using the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory as a path to MILNET. He tried to get the FBI to investigate, but it would not.
The digest is distributed electronically to individuals and redistribution centers via major computer networks, including ARPANET, MILNET, CSNET, USENET, and BITNET.
"We have identified very significant grades in the Milnet 1500 Zone, beneath the past-producing Milnet Mine.
Though Broken Hammer and the Milnet 1500 Zone are the company's most advanced ventures, Wallbridge has additional projects in various stages of exploration.
Army Communications, Electronics Command, Attn: AMSEL-RD-SE-CRM (Kay Tressa), Fort Monmouth, NY 07703-5000; MILNET: AMSEL-RD-LC-COL@CECOM-1arp.
The work will test the platinum-palladium-gold-copper-nickel discovery made at the past-producing Milnet Mine property.