MILPMixed-Integer Linear Programming
MILPMixed Integer Linear Program
MILPMixed Integer Linear Problem (mathematics)
MILPMonash Interview for Liaison Psychiatry (psychosomatic medicine)
MILPMinor Leage Paintball (league)
MILPMitogen-Induced Lymphocyte Proliferation
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However, considering this under the current MILP reformulation is challenging as it would require discretizing the product of the permit price and withholding quantity.
In this research, the energy management problem is formulated as a MILP model.
We studied the translation of the School Problem to a MOMILP problem mainly to compute directly the minimum mean distance (1) using a MILP solver.
In the last decade, more and more researchers have paid attention to global optimization methods, including mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) method [33-35], benders decomposition algorithm [41], and system optimum-relaxation based method [36].
Mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) [14, 15] is a mathematical optimization or feasibility scheme, where some or all variables are limited to integers.
By formulating the electric charging vehicle routing problem as a 0-1 mixed integer linear program (MILP), we discuss the optimal routing and recharging strategy.
Multiple authors [4, 5, 12, 16-18] have proposed mixed-integer linear programs (MILP) for producing solutions to the TDTSP, but these exact solutions have generally been for networks with tens of nodes rather than hundreds.
MILP for selecting port-folio of R&D projects in public organizations with partial and full resource allocation policies.