MILPERMilitary Personnel
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Annual funding applies to O&M (Operation and Maintenance) and MILPERS (Military Personnel) appropriations, in which costs are considered "expenses.
The MILPER message also emphasizes the prerequisites for reclassification into 25E.
7) MILPER Message 06-210, FY08 Lieutenant Colonel Army Competitive Category Centralized Selection List, issued 28 July 2006, page 7.
For more information, see MILPER Message 14-083 at https://www.
MILPER Message: 08-242, Criminal Investigator Warrant Officer Critical Skills Accession Bonus Program, 1 October 2008.
Through the DoD, Congress appropriated $5,386,505,000 (48) of additional MILPER.
A MILPER message will be published each quarter before the board convenes.
MILPER Message 05293 will provide you with the details of this program.
Department of Defense-wide, Congress appropriated additional MILPER in an amount exceeding $5.
If the MILPER message does not answer all of an officer's questions, additional questions can be addressed to the branch manager at HRC.
7) In the event the person designated by the servicemember declines to be the PADD or predeceases the servicemember, an order of precedence as described in MILPER message number 06-020 will control who is designated the PADD.
Interested officers should see MILPER Message 01-210.