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(1) MILPER Message Number 16-218, Fiscal Year 2017 U.S.
(1) MILPER Message 13-137, "Project Warrior Program Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process," issued 3 June 2013.
The MILPER message also emphasizes the prerequisites for reclassification into 25E.
According to MILPER message 06-210, the Army is placing priority on assigning officers and noncommissioned officers in units where they have previously served.
The following are the programs for MI officers and warrant officers that have been included in this year's MI programs MILPER message and which Active Component MI officer cohort year groups (CYG) may apply.
Army MI program MILPER message for further information, or visit the WOCCP Wiki page on NSANET at
Once officers decide to compete for one of these assignments, then they need to begin assembling their packets and submit them before the deadline in the MILPER message.
As outlined in Military Personnel (MILPER) Message 08-242, the program has been extended through 30 September 2010.
Initially, Congress appropriated funds for the following activities in the FY 2008 DODAA: $105.29 billion for Military Personnel (MILPER) in Title I, (98) $140.09 billion for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) in Title II, (99) $98.20 billion for Procurement activities in Title III, (100) $77.27 billion for Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) in Title IV, (101) $2.70 billion for Working Capital Funds (WCF) (also referred to as Revolving Funds) in Title V, (102) $26.31 billion for Other DOD Programs in Title VI, (103) $988 million for Related Agencies in Title VII, (104) and $12.22 billion for the General Provisions in Title VIII.
According to the MILPER message, Active Guard Reserve, Mobilized Reserve and National Guard Soldiers are not authorized to participate in the CSAB program.
Full application requirements are available in military personnel (MILPER) messages published annually by HRC announcing each internship programs enrollment procedures.
Fortunately, I read a military personnel (MILPER) message announcing the Army Congressional Fellowship Program.