MILPERSMilitary Personnel
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Although figure 2 also shows increases in MILPERS, procurement, and R&D spending, O&M costs grew faster, thus increasing the O&M share of the DOD budget (figure 3).
In fiscal year 2003, military personnel (MILPERS) appropriations amounted to more than $109
For this letter, we examined whether the military services are reviewing the accuracy of their MILPERS obligation balances as required by DOD's Financial Management Regulation and as directed by congressional conferees, and, if not, what factors are preventing the services from doing this.
This has made it difficult, if not impossible, for decision makers to oversee how the services actually use MILPERS funds.
F-22 Fighter, AF House cuts $364 mn R&D, shifts to MilPers, Senate cuts $132 mn in R&D.
(These apply both to military personnel (MILPERS) and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) funding; other appropriations are managed outside of this process.)
Historically, costs for contingency operations were almost exclusively for MILPERS and O&M requirements.
Fiscal Year 2005 DoD Information Technology/National Security Systems Budget (Appropriation) Appropriation FY2005 ($M) O&M 11,909.9 Procurement 4,526.5 MILPERS 1,461.4 DWCF 5,864.3 MILCON 18.7 Note: Table made from pie chart.