MILPERSMANMilitary Personnel Manual (USN)
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Navy Dept., "MILPERSMAN 1611-020 CH-18: Officer Detachment for Cause," in Military Personnel Manual (Washington, D.C.: 30 March 2007), sec.
(10) Upon a complete review of a member's service record, commanders have the power, under both the AR and MILPERSMAN, to characterize a member's discharge as General which may act as a bar in many cases should the member wish to use his education benefits.
The PSD may make corrections to local records and/or submit changes to NPC in accordance with MILPERSMAN 1070-210, or in accordance with the regulation governing original document.
Recommendation: Review MILPERSMAN 1220-260 for diving requalification guidance and review all divers service records to ensure entries are up to date.
Per MILPERSMAN 1070-180, photographs must be attached to NAVPERS 1070/884.
Interestingly enough, the Navy's MILPERSMAN 7000-020 only refers to attorneys in the context of referring debtors to legal assistance attorneys.
MILPERSMAN 1220-100 exhibit 5 provides dive re-qualification standards.
A: Per MILPERSMAN 1810-020 and for fiscal reasons, we cannot cut orders more than one year from your retirement date.
* Divers not performing minimum number of dives IAW MILPERSMAN 1220-260 and re-qualifications are not updated in divers' service records.
The photograph (per MILPERSMAN 1070-180) must be in color and display a full-length, threequarter view of the member, left shoulder forward.
Answer: Per MILPERSMAN 1070-180, the officer photograph shall be in color; display a full length, three-quarter view of the member, left shoulder forward; have a plain, flat background to provide sufficient contrast to highlight details of the uniform; and be four inches in width and six inches in height.