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La densidad total del fitoplancton por lagunas fue mayor en la relavera Milpo Andina (8 981 - 4 795 Ind.[1.sup.-1]), seguido de la laguna Huaroncocha (2 848 Ind.[1.sup.-1]) y menor en la laguna Lacsacocha (55 Ind.[1.sup.-1]) (Ver Tabla 3 en Anexos).
The acquired property fills an ownership gap in our consolidated claim position held by the Bongara and Chambara joint ventures, both of which are mutually owned by Solitario and Milpo.
Buyer: Solitario Exploration and Royalty, CompaA[+ or -]ia Minera Milpo
Additionally, a military personnel (MILPO) message dated 12 May 2005 rescinded the prohibition on non-citizens reenlisting past eight years of service.
year Milpo plans to invest $22 million in Peru and Chile, with other top
Perth-based consulting group, Global Mining Services (GMS) was recently awarded the project management contract by Compania Minera Milpo to supervise its mine expansion project at the El Porvenir mine in the Peruvian Andes.
Minsur benefits from its first-quartile cash cost position in tin, which compensates for its lower diversification when compared with its peers Volcan (BBB-/Stable), Milpo (BBB-/Stable) and Buenaventura (BBB-/Stable).