MILRMcGill Institute for Learning in Retirement (Canada)
MILRMaster of Industrial and Labor Relations
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"Employers certainly consider both degrees, but I think where there are specific HR vacancies, then the level of specialised knowledge the MILR provides you with wins out."
Finally, our proposed methods and its enhancement, MIL-dEM-S-S (supervised learning) and MIL-dEM-T-S methods (transductive learning), are compared to TSVM and three MIL models, MISVM, MINB, and MILR, which are implemented in WEKA [66].
The well-known MIL methods, that is, MISVM, MINB, MILR are executed using WEKA.
The TFIDF-weighting model yields the high performance for MISVM with F1 score 0.901, while binary weighting model (B) is exhibited to improve the performance for MINB and MILR with F1 scores 0.880 and 0.861, respectively.
Out of the 130 applications for the MILR funding in the 2010-11 funding round, only 63 were successful (MILR 2010-11).
This can be seen in the use of Tindale-derived AIATSIS language group codes in the federal government's MILR endangered language funding application process.
There is increasing competition for grants under the federal government's MILR program and MILR funds often lead to the production of print and digital educational materials that yield modest profits for copyright holders through the sale of dictionaries and picture books, for example.
Although not an intended outcome, MILR endangered language funding promotes such divisions.
In this issue's cover story, Robin Sheridan, JD, MILR, points out that while reporting the incident is often difficult for the affected employee client, it is crucial that a report be made so the abuse can be addressed.