MILSATCOMMilitary Satellite Communications
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Presented by Joe Vanderpoorten, Portfolio Architect, MILSATCOM Advanced Concepts, SMC, AFSPACE, US Air Force
"Their benefits extend beyond the borders of the space-faring nations," he said while explaining the wider implications of Milsatcom.
"Our participation at Milsatcom Middle East gives us a fantastic platform to showcase our product capabilities to the global military communications market, while highlighting the capabilities of our Y1A and Y1B satellites.
Caption: Preceding WIN-T on-the-move beyond line-of-sight capabilities thanks to an urgent operational for Afghanistan, this French Venus VAR light APC offers Milsatcom connectivity at rate of a couple of Mbps for mobile company commanders and interfaces with the PR4G combat net radio; one is currently deployed in Mali to support French battlegroup operations (Armee de Terre).
For the SMC's Protected MILSATCOM program, SS/L will help remedy existing gaps in the space communications layer and demonstrate specific design concepts focused on improved life-cycle affordability that will meet the warfighter needs far into the future.
MILSATCOM X-BAND, ELNT, CS1234-12 (Military Satellite Communications X-band of RF spectrum, East LANT DSCS satellite, mission number CS1234-12)
Charles Cynamon, Air Force Space Command/Space & Missile Center, MILSATCOM Program Office: "The DAU Executive Coaching Program was critical to focusing my attention and energy toward creating a sound investment strategy for the future military satellite communications enterprise.
These complex, nuclear-hardened systems can especially benefit from disaggregation of unrelated capabilities, such as battlespace awareness and tactical-protected MILSATCOM. Desegregation will allow us to realize more affordable and resilient capabilities for the theater war fighter while at the same time allowing smaller, nuclear-hardened cores to be retained.
Both sides could also develop alternative business arrangements for investment or sharing, leading to decreased costs for operations, sustainment, and, eventually, their entire enterprise, whether military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) or remote sensing.
Air Force Space and Missile Command Center's Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) Systems Directorate by July 2011.
Summary: ISTANBUL(Cihan) - Boeing has received a $900,000 study contract from the Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) Systems Directorate of the U.S.