MILSATCOMMilitary Satellite Communications
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MILSATCOM KA-BAND, ELNT, CS1234-12 (Military Satellite Communications Ka-band of RF spectrum, East LANT DSCS satellite, mission number CS1234-12)
New, organic MILSATCOM will meet some needs currently filled by COMSAT-COM.
Hosted payloads are one of Boeing's key recommendations for MILSATCOM augmentation.
The MILSATCOM Joint Program Office (Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles AFB, Calif.
As acknowledged by the 1997 Senior Warfighters Forum, the US military has a long-term, continuing need to augment its MILSATCOM systems with commercial SATCOM.
Tactical and commercial customers and their end-users can expect to benefit from continued releases of new Mission Microwave RF products as leading satellite communications systems suppliers incorporate them in their designs for X, Ku and Ka band uplinks for commercial and MILSATCOM applications.
This study is a 27-month effort consisting of four phases and is a critical step in the evolution of CCS-C and MILSATCOM in support of EGS.
We think this is a tremendous product that sets the bar very high in the MILSATCOM marketplace.
No significant reduction in this gap is expected to begin until the next generation of MILSATCOM is available.
The NCW SATCOM link provides range extension for the WIN-T WAN backbone network through the use of various MILSATCOM and commercial transponded satellites.
The MILSATCOM Joint Program Office, located at the Space and Missile Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, CA, is the contract manager and lead agency for the Advanced EHF program.
While much of that interservice interaction will occur through joint program offices, like those of MILSATCOM or GPS, it will also occur through a single service's procurement or operation of a system, such as the Navy procurement of the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS), the Navy's newest Ultra-High Frequency satellite, and the Army operation of the communications packages on DSCS and the Wideband Gapfiller Satellite.