MILSTAMPMilitary Standard Transportation & Movement Procedure(s)
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USAMC field transporters, contingencies/emergencies, Defense Transportation System, MILSTAMP, Intransit Visibility, Traffic Management, installation transportation offices, transportation policy and procedures, civilian transportation career program management, use of reserve/active duty Transportation Corps personnel, working capital funds (transportation), first/second destination transportation funds, hazardous material, Army Strategic Mobility Program, air line of communication, automated systems, EDI, velocity management, engineering for transportability, automatic identification technology, transportation discrepancies, cargo forecasting, installation outloading capability, personal property and official travel.
In accordance with MILSTAMP Volume 2, Chapter 11, Transportation Account Code (TA C) Pill and appropriation 9711X8242L0098401PIIIGBL843000 are used to pay the shipper for misdirected shipments or shipment for approved service deficiency reports.