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MILSTARMilitary Strategic Tactical Relay
MILSTARMilitary Strategic, Tactical & Relay (SATCOM)
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The AEHF system will consist of six satellites in geosynchronous earth orbit that provides 10 times the throughput of the 1990s-era Milstar satellites with a substantial increase in coverage for users.
"Individual data rates increase five-fold compared to Milstar, permitting transmission of tactical military communications, such as real-time video, battlefield maps and targeting data," said Cacheiro.
The current architecture consists of a mix of military-specific Milstar and AEHF satellites, said Rick Lober, vice president and general manager of defense and intelligence systems for Hughes Network Systems.
Designed as a protected, global network, the first Milstar launched in 1994 aboard a Titan IV rocket.
The P-COTM can handle SATCOM traffic for the legacy MILSTAR (see above) satellites and can equip ground vehicles with a low profile antenna.
Milstar and Advanced Extremely High Frequency could be seen as space servers in an Enterprise-wide network.
He is responsible for the development and training of contested operations curriculum for Milstar and Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite operators.
The main military satellite involved in the operation was the Defense Satellite Communication System (DSCS-III) and the more secure Milstar.
Austin, Systems Director, Payloads Directorate, Milstar Division, Programs Group
(91) This speed depends on an intricate web of data-relay satellites, such as the Milstar, TDRSS, and NAVSTAR systems, the equivalents of which China does not yet possess.
The imaging satellite can then send targeting information to a covert data-relay spacecraft like Quasar, Nemesis, or Milstar, which can transmit bombing coordinates to airborne JSTARS command stations, Tomahawk cruise missiles, and "smart bombs" in B-2 stealth bombers.
I served as manager for Air Force Satellite Communications Systems, systems director for the Milstar Space Segment Directorate, principal director of the System Development and Operations Subdivision; general manager of the Electronic Systems and Milsatcom Divisions, senior vice president of ETG, and finally senior vice president of the National Systems Group, a post that took me back to the East Coast for several years.