MILSTDMilitary Standard
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Friendly and enemy obstacles are assigned obstacle numbers based on the obstacle-naming convention in Field Manual (FM) 90-7, Combined Arms Obstacle Integration, and hazard locations will be displayed on tactical map backgrounds using color schemes and symbology shown in FM 101-5-1, Operational Terms and Graphics, and Military Standard (MILSTD) 2525B, Common Warfighting Symbology.
At first, this may seem like a frivolous and unnecessary capability, but any soldier who has ever tried to find a military standard (MilStd 25-25b (3)) symbol for a cocaine lab, car bombing, or mass protest demonstration will immediately recognize the need for better information presentation tools.
It's qualified to MILSTD 810E for heart-stopping shock loads of 40 Gs and random vibration of nearly 6 Grms.
Agency approvals include UL, FM, FDA, CSA, AGA, TUV, VDE, MILSTD. DIN and JIS calibration curves.
The Su-30MKI has two MilStd 1553B data buses, however, so it is not difficult to integrate a variety of existing targeting pods with the aircraft.
This is a KeyMod handguard, with a continuous MILSTD 1913 T-marked rail along the top and KeyMod attachment points along the length of the handguard at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions.
Steyr Mannlicher of Austria modified its Aug bullpup rifle, originally equipped with a 1.5x scope, into the Aug A2 version, where the optical sight can be removed allowing the quick attachment of a MILSTD 1913 rail.
It ,was connected to the MilStd 1553B databus, enabling it to be slaved to the radar, which can direct the FLIR towards a detected naval object.
Panther ERD/ short message serivce/ Panther P multiple access Panther H intelligent frequency hooper Panther P short message service/multiple simultaneous access Panther V short message service/multiple simultaneous access Syncal 2000 ALE to MilStd 181 General Notes:
McNally, USAF, stated: "On June 29, 1994, Perry issued a directive that outlined a preference for performance and commercial specifications over MILSPECs and MILSTDs."