MILSTRIPMilitary Standard Requisitioning & Issue Procedures
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Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense from 1961 to 1968, championed the introduction of MILSTRIP as part of his efforts to use modern management techniques to create efficiencies within DOD.
Specific MILSTRIP data analysis and RWT calculation found that several exceptional cases needed to be explored further.
MILSTRIP is the preferred and easiest procurement method.
Ability to initiate lateral transfers, asset adjustments and process MILSTRIP receipts from the Handheld Terminal (HHT) device.
During PBUSE--AIT phase II, the Army will evaluate the system's ability to read item-unique identification labels, provide an electronic signature capability, initiate and complete lateral transfers, conduct end-item component inventories, and create, receipt, and post MILSTRIP (Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures) transactions.
Logisticians also processed the ship's first incremental stock number sequence fist which resulted in more than 1,300 MILSTRIP requisitions being generated for Government Furnished Material.
MILSTRIP orders must ship to DODAAC-associated addresses.
The training syllabus also covered the use of the MILSTRIP Supply Assistance Request (SAR), and management actions which must precede the submission of SARs.
If the RSupply system becomes certified, certain MILSTRIP audit requirements/key supporting documentation may not be necessary.
Some of the tasks covered in this course are; MILSTRIP, Security Assistance Management Information System (SAMIS), Researching Supply Data, Supply Requisitioning, Determining Supply Status, Parts and Repair Ordering System (PROS), Worldwide Warehouse Redistribution Services (WWRS), Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDRs), and etc.