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MILTMilitary Language Tutor
MILTMember of the Institute of Logistics and Transport
MILTMedi-Dose Information Labeling Technology (pharmaceutical labeling software)
MILTMother-in-Law's Tongue (plants)
MILTMothers Insisting on Licensed Tools (parody website)
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And he, along with his son Robert (who succeeded Milt as the journal's publisher) provided unwavering support of that mission.
To help facilitate and finalise business opportunities, the Milt Congress offers extensive opportunities for one-to-one networking between potential buyers and clients.
Van Doesburg, who was in constant contact with Van Milt using an encrypted BlackBerry, was tracking the ship on his home computer.
Van Milt and Van Doesburg travelled to Cleethorpes, , a week and a half before the drugs were seized.
Milt has 'fallen into' his roles (and fortunes) for much of his life--and all that is about to change, also altering the dynamics between father and son.
Most recently, in his role as managing director of the Technical Services Business Unit at Saudi Arabian Airlines, Mr Milt was responsible for aircraft maintenance sectors of the business, working across 25 countries.
I said to Milt, 'I think he needs some professional help'," she said.
My favorite example is Portugal, where Milt reports that all cue sheets must be filed in Portuguese.
Prior to commencement of the present study, we had attempted to control milt production in male Caspian brown trout, Salmo trutta caspius, in order to ensure that spermiation occurred in synchrony with the ovulation of naturally ripening females.
As Milt considered what was crucial to his success, he knew that his family was his first priority.
They don't like the taste in the southern part of Germany and if you go south of the Rhine valley you don't find liquorice products in the shops," said Jens Milt, head of the liquorice division at the leading German liquorice supplier Alfred L Wolff, based in Hamburg.