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MILTMilitary Language Tutor
MILTMember of the Institute of Logistics and Transport
MILTMedi-Dose Information Labeling Technology (pharmaceutical labeling software)
MILTMother-in-Law's Tongue (plants)
MILTMothers Insisting on Licensed Tools (parody website)
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Van Doesburg and Van Milt were found guilty of conspiracy to import cocaine following a four-week trial at Leeds Crown Court.
Van Milt left Cleethorpes the day after the Indian Friendship left and travelled to Scotland.
Ballpoint is actually much more; and as readers put together past, present and the probable future of Milt and son Jim, they will come to a new appreciation of the differences between generations and the communication challenges involved.
The opening of our dedicated Saudi operations is indicative of the continued growth of this market and we are delighted to welcome Ali Milt to the team," said Airbus Middle East managing director Fouad Attar.
Gonadotropin releasing hormone analogues (GnRHa) also have been used to stimulate milt production in salmonids, increased milt volume or accelerated production of milt has been observed in response to GnRHa treatment (Weil and Crim, 1983).
It's blended into all kinds of tobacco products--cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco," said Mr Milt.
Small incisions were made into the lobes of testes, the milt was squeezed out into a Petri dish and volume of the milt (ml) was measured using a syringe and a drop of milt from the syringe is equivalent to 0.
The way Milt embraced life's various challenges with dignity and optimism in the face of racism, was a great lesson to us all.
Before his death in 2000, noted jazz bassist Milt Hinton was able to compile more than 260 of his photographs and produce Playing the Changes, a memoir and follow-up to his 1988 book Bass Line; the work was accomplished with the help of two long-time friends (who also produced a documentary about Hinton): David C.
Narrator E: A few mornings later, Hetty, Sissy, and Milt try to catch a train.
Milt Sherman is a member of both the East Carolina University Athletic Hall of Fame and the North Carolina chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.
At the amusement park, Gollyworld -- named after Golly Gopher, the key cartoon icon created by long-dead animator Milt Appleday (Fred Willard), who also used to peddle edible paint -- Jimmy is in an accident.