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MILTSMulticentre International Liver Tumor Study (oral contraceptives study)
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The Life-Staff[TM] can be used in a variety of settings including ambulances, air medivac units, EMT rescue, fire rescue, emergency department and in-hospital areas such as coronary and intensive care milts, cardiac catheterization labs and organ transplant facilities.
And then there's the bigger picture to worry about, with diploma milts putting the college degree at risk, Contreras adds.
I've never had the pleasure of owning a Nelson-made rig, but it's Milt Sparks who was really responsible for putting large numbers of this great holster on the hips of serious gunners across the country.
For more info: Milt Sparks Holsters
When Milt Sparks saw the elegantly simple rig designed for the balmy California climate, he asked Nelson if he could offer the design himself.
Tony met with Milt in 1983 as an amateur holster enthusiast.