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MILUMultifunctional Intensive Land Use (sustainable urban development)
MILUMultinational Integrated Logistic Unit
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Jayne, Jordan Chamberlin, and Milu Muyanga, "Emerging Land Issues in African Agriculture: Implications for Food Security and Poverty Reduction Strategies," in Frontiers in Food Policy: Perspectives on sub-Saharan Africa, ed.
The blurb I read describes the book as a brief history of the milu, its seclusion from the outside world, its popularity when the first one left the Forbidden Palace for France and its eventual near extinction due to the boxer rebellion, its susceptibility to diseases (due to a small gene pool) and unsuitable environments.
"Milu" can apparently motivate in any language, any culture, any continent.
The crisis pitted two powerful personalities in the nation's cultural and economic life against each other: on one side, Milu Villela, president of the Museu de Arte Moderna de Sao Paulo, a member of the international advisory board of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and heiress to one of the largest banking fortunes in Brazil; on the other, Edemar Cid Ferreira, who presided over the '94 and '96 biennials (both curated by Nelson Aguilar) and is now an influential member of the Bienal Foundation council.
El personaje entrevistado por Ariane Valadie en Mi vida de perro es un sagaz, valiente y leal fox-terrier llamado Milu. Todos conocemos al inteligente companero de Tintin, pero hasta el momento nadie sabia lo que pensaba en realidad de las fascinantes aventuras en las que era embarcado.
The names have been changed (Diana is now Helena) but all the characters are there to be recognised, from William and Harry (Edwin and Hugh) to Dodi (the two-dimensional Milu, who for some reason speaks like a pantomime Arabian prince).
In 1992 Repse published Septini stasti par milu (Seven Stories about Love), yet again revealing her talent for visionary prose.
His published works in these fields include Xiandai Zhongguo nuzuojia (1931; "Women Writers in Modern China"), Xiandai Zhongguo wenxuelun (1933; "Modern Chinese Literature"), Zhongguo xinwentan milu (1933; "The Secret Records of New Literary Circles of China"), Yehhang ji (1935; "Night Navigation"), and Xiaoshuo xiantan (1936; "Chats on the Novel").
To explore the adaptation of introduced Milu (Elaphurus davidianus), also known as Pere David's Deer, to their new environment, this study was designed to track and observe 16 Milu, which were released in the Dongting Lake wetland area from Jiangsu, from April 4 to May 12, 2016, using instantaneous scanning and recorded 486 observations.
See generally Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Christoph Trebesch & Milu Gulali, The Greek Debt Restructuring: An Autopsy, 28 econ.
12-Princesse Milu: Elle semble marquer le pas comme le montrent ses dernieres sorties, elle demeure aleatoire a ce niveau.