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MILVANMilitary-Owned Demountable Container
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He needed large straps to secure the wall lockers onto specially made tracks that would be installed in the MILVANs.
Dunnage inside ISO or MILVAN containers must be stamped with certification markings that include DUN to indicate dunnage.
As DMSO personnel filled each MILVAN with available stocks, they identified shortfalls and critiqued the requirements for a variety of physician-preferred items.
One 60-by-20-foot tent, four 20-foot MILVANs (military-owned demountable containers), and two ISU-96 refrigeration units were available for storage.
No tents were available for a warehouse, so DMSO requested six additional 20-foot MILVANs and two 20-foot refrigerated MILVANs.
Each TRICON can be moved or shipped individually or connected side by side to two other TRICONs and configured with dimensions similar to those of a 20-foot MILVAN (military-owned, demountable container).
Since a TRICON is smaller than a 20-foot MILVAN, it can be handled and moved by a 10,000-pound-capacity forklift as long as the overall gross weight of the container does not exceed the lifting capacity of the forklift.
Because TRICONs can be connected and configured in dimensions similar to a 20-foot MILVAN, they can be handled by a rough-terrain container handler (RTCH).