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MIMASManchester Information & Associated Services (Manchester University, England)
MIMASMilano International Modern Arts Show (Milan, Italy)
MIMASMultifield Integrated Meltdown Analysis System
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Mimas was discovered by the German-born astronomer William Herschel on Sept.
The acquisition of Mimas will expand our reach globally and further enable the growth of our product portfolio for wireless and networking applications," said Adrian Turner, CEO and president of Mocana.
MIMAS is a JISC-supported national data center providing the UK higher education, further education, and research community with networked access to key data and support for teaching, learning, and research across a wide range of disciplines.
MIMA Summit 2010 features hands-on intensive workshops and a full event day with more than 75 speakers in 40 breakout sessions across 10 categories, plus featured keynote speakers Gary Vaynerchuk and Baratunde Thurston and featured breakout speakers Julien Smith, Xeni Jardin, Olivier Blanchard and Cecily Sommers.
To be honest, when I first was told the MIMA Summit 2010 would be even larger and provide more value than last year for the same price, I was pissed off," said MIMA President Tim Brunelle.
Faced with tighter marketing budgets in today's economy, companies are re-allocating dollars and finding tremendous ROI in online marketing, especially in the social media landscape where clients and consumers are having conversations with and about brands and companies in much larger volumes than ever before," says MIMA President, Matt Wilson.