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MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIMEMechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (various universities)
MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Protocol (email; file transfers)
MIMEMultimedia Internet Message Extensions
MIMEMidwest Institute for Medical Education (Indianapolis, IN)
MIMEMember of the Institute of Mining Engineers
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Kanglei Mime Theatre Repertory (KMTR) has performed in various parts of the country and world, including Korea, Armenia, Macedonia and Greece.
We have to all create ourselves," Mangano explained after the performance, referring not only to each individual's mime persona but the material used in the process.
The main objective of the workshop was to provide a platform to the children and to explore their artistic talents, and understand the art form of mime.
I'm using the word 'very strong' in terms of music, setting, props, body movement and facial expression," said Yumnam Sadanand, Director Kanglei Mime Theatre Repertory.
McLeod's first role as a gorilla came in 1979 after a film producer caught the actor's one-man mime show in which he depicted the creation of world, playing an ape - sans ape suit - in one segment.
The mime role of The Queen, played by Victoria Bertram, was an annoying, one-dimensional caricature, with an enormous, ludicrous headdress.
The S/MIME protocol, developed in 1995 by RSA in conjunction with leading email vendors is based on the MIME standard, as well as on the inter-vendor PKCS (Public Key Cryptography Standards), the most widely implemented commercial standard for public-key cryptography in North America.
Now, by chance, the same week as this performance I went along to the Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse in New York to see Marcel Marceau perform his mime act, with the same impeccable style and precision that has been his for more than half a century.
Reid Gilbert of the Wisconsin Mime Company in Spring Green was another major influence.
Orr refrained from radical changes but illuminated small details, mime passages, comic timing, and stage effects that delight in the moment and leave lasting impressions.
Marceau is the truest mime living and practicing the art," says Irwin.
It has been seventeen years since Robert Desrosiers launched a company to mount his own idiosyncratic choreography and, until recently, to display his own virtuoso technique, a combination of mime, acrobatics, and magical, often grotesque, stage effects.