MIMEXMajor Item Material Excess
MIMEXMediation in Museums and Exhibitions (various locations)
MIMEXMajor Items for Map Exercises
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The MimEX GI platform is a human tissue model system that uses the unique characteristics of adult ground-state stem cells to generate 3-D gastrointestinal epithelial tissue on a 2-D surface.
3-D tissue generated using the MimEX GI system can be used for basic developmental biology studies as well as for studying diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, such as gastric cancer, celiac disease, and Crohn's disease.
Lemaire, 1966 57 Gamelia kiefferi 1 2 Lemaire, 1967 58 Hylesia continua 8 13 515 (Walker, 1865) 59 Hylesia mimex Dyar, 2 ?
Netherlands-based Mimex has brought three of its brands--Pip Studio, At Home with Mariele and Miss Blackbirdy--to the U.S., with a warehouse and sales and marketing headquarters in Pella, Iowa.