MIMGMission Internal Medical Group (California)
MIMGMicrobiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (UCLA)
MIMGMadison Insight Meditation Group (Madison, WI)
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The results indicated that a MIMG knee protocol was successful in reducing self reported present intensity osteoarthritic knee pain in the short-term and that this change was statistically significant when compared with a control group.
The MIMG protocol used for the intervention consisted of a non-invasive myofascial mobilisation procedure and an impulse thrust procedure specific to the patellofemoral articulation.
0 investors Little Rock Dallas 42 MIMG XXIX Block 2 LLC LSF5 Block Two $ 9.
The buyer is MIMG XXIX Block 2 LLC, an affiliate of Monarch Investment & Management Group of Franktown, Colo.