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48-year-old Alfie Joey and Cal Halbert, aged 22, who performed as The Mimic Men on Britain's Got Talent
MIMIC Simulator is a modular family of simulators used by leading networking vendors for use in applications from development and testing to operator training and disaster simulations.
Compatible with Promethean and Smartboards, Mimic Books immerses children and teachers in colour and vibrancy as they read together.
An enhanced OPC Server is a standard part of MiMiC v3.
Receptor mimic products act as an extremely efficient biological 'sponge', binding toxins or disease causing organisms and harmlessly carrying them out of the body.
Some plasticizers can mimic the effects of certain hormones--they're chemical messengers in the body," she says.
This gives the membrane mimic stability under shear forces such as those imparted by blood flowing through the vascular system.
Bird expert and town vet Neil Forbes, said: "There are certain birds that mimic readily such as the budgie.
Emulation is a computer science technique in which code is written for an operating system (OS) to allow it to mimic in every detail the operation of another OS, enabling it to run any program that was written for the other OS.
I have always been a renderer, and my stock-in-trade has been photorealist rendering, which is a sort of sick adolescent ability to mimic something, and through that mimicking, own it.
I have to admit that I came to scoff at Mimic - but stayed to squirm.
Though it is clear that a precise mimic of a dangerous or unpalatable model often gains protection from predation (see Waldbauer 1988 for a review), the gradual evolution of mimicry requires that partial mimics gain some fitness benefit from even a poor resemblance to model species (Fisher 1958; Sheppard 1959).