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MIMICSModel Intestinal Microflora in Computer Simulation (International Study Group for New Antimicrobial Strategies)
MIMICSMultiparty Interactive Multimedia Conferencing Services
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Because his functional mimic is a catalyst, it is not destroyed in this action, but, instead, remains intact to destroy many more targeted mRNA molecules.
The most common proposed coral snake mimics at La Selva are Erythrolamprus mimus and Scaphiodontophis venustissimus (Guyer 1994), both of which share the tricolor ring pattern of the Micrurus models (Campbell and Lamar 1989; Brodie 1993).
Relative densities of pierid models and acridid mimics.
4) As Stein states, "The central role of costs of financial distress (c) is apparent here; if c were smaller, there would indeed be an incentive for a bad firm to mimic a medium firm, and the conjectured separating equilibrium would be destroyed.
The Raytheon/TI MIMIC Joint Venture and Hughes/GE both demonstrated the transfer of chip designs between foundries and proved that these designs can be used to process functionally equivalent MIMICs.
This paper describes the methodology for insertion of this new MMIC technology into systems in different stages of development, and outlines the ongoing work on the MIMIC program as well as some company-sponsored work.
The dossier continues with a full analysis of vitamin K and how its role in both bone health and cardiovascular function may result in vitamin K mimics contributing to a future breakthrough in osteoporosis therapeutics.
Neoplastic Mimics in Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology
of Virginia Health System) provide pathologists with morphologic descriptions, images, and diagnostic guidance for recognizing neoplastic mimics or "pseudotumors" as they occur in the skin, as well as skin lesions that may mimic benign masses but are actually neoplastic.
HeCd Flex is a g-p material that mimics polypropylene properties and is suited for applications where parts must bend without breaking.
If GLP1 mimics also have those effects, these substances would go well beyond current therapies, which concentrate on wringing every last molecule of insulin out of beleaguered beta cells or injecting extra insulin into the body.
In this study we evaluated the effect of fetal exposure to bisphenol A, which mimics estrogenic activity, on aggressive behavior and hormonal change in male mice.