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MIMOMultiple Input, Multiple Output
MIMOMulti-Input Multi-Output
MIMOMiami Modern (architecture)
MIMOMultiple Input Multiple Output
MIMOMiss It - Miss Out! (BBC kids TV slogan)
MIMOMoney in Money Out
MIMOMitteldeutsche Motorenwerke, Taucha (German car factory)
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This study proposed a novel, compact four-element MIMO antenna for operation at 5.2-5.8 GHz to be used in a smartwatch.
Lau, "Scaling up MIMO: opportunities and challenges with very large arrays," IEEE Journal of Signal Processing Magazine, vol.
To the best of our knowledge, there has not been an analysis that considers the performance between massive the MIMO system and IoT devices for cellular networks.
network, and the purpose of the test was to compare the performance of Massive MIMO radios with 8T8R radios.
This paper considers parameters estimation of maneuvering target in colocated MIMO radar by developing a maximum-likelihood estimator.
GCT's GDM7243Q, the only LTE-A chip commercially available that offers 4x4 MIMO capability, enables LTE devices with higher data rates and throughput while using limited bandwidth (double speed with the same limited bandwidth), which is a scarce commodity for network operators.
En el panorama mundial, una de las soluciones para atender las necesidades planteadas se soporta en el empleo de la tecnologia de multiples antenas en el transmisor y en el receptor conocida como de Multiple-Entrada Multiple-Salida (MIMO, Multiple-Input Multiple-Output), pero con el uso de un elevado numero de antenas.
Massive MIMO market worldwide is projected to grow by US$13.4 Million, guided by a compounded growth of 42.2%.
Based on that, Huawei proposes the 5G microwave MIMO solution which can improve the microwave spectrum efficiency by 100% to double the capacity, shorten the installation distance (Rayleigh distance) by 67%, and reduce the requirement of MIMO deployment of tower space.
Massive MIMO is especially useful in helping service providers add capacity in densely populated urban environments.
John Saw, Chief Technology Officer, Sprint, said: "Sprint has long collaborated with Nokia on its Massive MIMO and 5G innovations, and we're excited by this first live 5G NR system connection to help us bring mobile 5G to the U.S.
As one of Ericsson's key New Radio (NR) technologies, Massive MIMO has enabled the launch of Antenna Integrated Radio (AIR) 6468 on the Etisalat UAE network.