MIMO-OFDMMultiple In, Multiple Out-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
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Recently, various improved methods have been proposed to alleviate the PAPR problem of MIMO-OFDM. In [14], a novel phase offset SLM scheme has been proposed to reduce the PAPR without SI in Alamouti MIMO-OFDM systems.
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To deal with this problem, several solutions have been proposed to mitigate the high PAPR of OFDM [3, 4] and MIMO-OFDM signals [5, 6], as clipping [7], clipping and filtering [8], coding [9], tone injection [10], peak windowing [11], selected mapping [12], and partial transmit sequence (PTS) [13-15].
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Literature indicates hardware design has migrated towards efficient and high performance FFT/IFFT architectures for MIMO-OFDM [7-14], and other applications, including signal and image processing [15-24].
In the proposed scheme, two APs simultaneously transmit to their own desired STA on MIMO-OFDM transmission while adjusting parameters (angle of beam-tilt and transmit power) calculated to suit STA locations.
In the paper, Reed-Solomon (RS) code, Convolutional code (CC) and concatenation RS-CC with interleaver are used to improve the performance of MIMO-OFDM system under multipath fading channels like AWGN in conjunction with Rayleigh fading channel
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This paper proposes novel frequency synchronization methods for MIMO-OFDM systems with periodic preambles.
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Among the many previously discussed subjects are “A WSN Solution for Light Aircraft Pilot Health Monitoring,” “Clustering Methods for Base Station Cooperation,” “Green Resource Allocation for MIMO-OFDM Relay Networks,” “Machine-to-Machine Communications in OFDMA Cellular Networks,” “Mobile Sensor Scheduling for Timely Sweep Coverage,” “Radio Imaging by Cooperative Wireless Networks,” and “Controlling Self-healing Cellular Networks Using Fuzzy Logic.”