MIMUMyanmar Information Management Unit
MIMUMilano Musei (italy)
MIMUMiniature Inertial Measurement Unit (spacecraft stablization)
MIMUMicro Inertial Measurement Unit
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A mocking-bird (Mimus orpheus), called by the inhabitants Calandria, is remarkable, from possessing a song far superior to that of any other bird in the country: indeed, it is nearly the only bird in South America which I have observed to take its stand for the purpose of singing.
Liu, "Rate-energy region of SWIPT for MIMU broadcasting under nonlinear energy harvesting model," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol.
When low-cost MIMU is used for SINS, the error will accumulate quickly because of the large MEMS sensor measurement noise.
The collaboration caused a stir, with many Jewish customers blasting Mimu Maxi for featuring a Muslim woman in hijab.
La arquitectura de los tubulos seminiferos de Octopus mimus es identica a la descrita para algunas especies de la familia Loliginidae, Sepiidae y Octopodidae (Budelman, et al.), lo cual ratifica que el patron de organizacion tubular del testiculo es un atributo que se ha conservado durante la evolucion de los cefalopodos.
Drawings of Ameletus cooki, Cinygmula mimus, Drunella spinifera, and D.
This has been confirmed in recent years by a number of genetic and morphological studies, principally in the western hemisphere, which resulted in the description of a number of new species, including Octopus maya (Voss & Ramirez 1966), Octopus mimus (Guerra et al.
Foraging efficiencies and techniques of juvenile and adult northern mockingbirds Mimus polyglottos.
The influence of sexual selection and interspecific competition on Mockingbird song (Mimus polyglottos).