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MINMinistério (Portuguese: ministry; postal usage)
MINMineola (Amtrak station code; Mineola, TX)
MINMost Important Now (personal management)
MINMortgage Identification Number
MINMobile Identification Number
MINMultistage Interconnect Network
MINMultistage Interconnection Network
MINMinimally Invasive Neurosurgery
MINMarketing Information Network
MINMedical Information Network
MINMarché Immobilier des Notaires (French)
MINMaterials in Inventory
MINMichigan Information Network
MINMango Information Network (Philippines)
MINMacomb Industrial Network (Macomb Community College)
MINMalaysian Interfaith Network (Malaysia)
MINMobile Intelligent Network
MINMultimodal Investment Network
MINMotor Identification Number
MINMultigenerational Innovations Network
MINMember of the Institute of Navigation
MINMaintenance Interface Network
MINMicrowave Integrated Noise
MINManufacturing Identification Number
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Lang and Min come from different economic backgrounds, but both spend most of their time studying.
However, formation of DEA or MEA was not observed during microsomal incubations up to 20 min, and in very low amounts in incubations exceeding 1 hr.
Progressive Democratic Party (PDP): 3 min (TV) and 3 min (Radio)
Other North End times were Doug Watson 1 hr 1 min 25 secs; John Kent 1hr 1min 59 secs; Stephen Gauller 1hr 3 mins 21 secs; Bill Hanson 1hr 6 mins 13 secs and Mike Daly 1hr 14 mins 15 secs.
28/02: 25 min - jog 1 min/walk1 min 01/03: Rest or 25 min brisk walk 02/03: 25 min -jog 2 min/walk 2 min
LLANELLI Today: Mostly dry and sunny, but perhaps cloudy at first in the east with a few freezing fog patches; max temp -1C, min -6C.