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MINABMosques and Imams National Advisory Body (UK)
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The funding will be used for developing a water transmission system and a treatment plant for the supply of water to Minab.
The most severe seismic hazards in Tabas-Minab province, containing large cities such as Tabas, Minab, Kerman, Bam, Jiroft and Jask, are landslides in high regions, settlements in some lowlands, surface faulting.
Today, al-Nahda, as the largest political party in Tunisia, also draws heavily on the media and public relations experience that Said Ferjani gained in the UK as the MAB's public relations man and through his work with the UK government in MINAB.
MINAB brings together all the different denominations within Britain's Muslim community and represents all of the UK's estimated 1,300 mosques.
Mosques and Islamic centres in the UK are eligible to join Minab, along with madrassars and other establishments which offer vocational or academic training.
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Some 30 townships in the Minab region of Hormuzgan province are pitted by sinkholes, presumably caused by the withdrawal of huge volumes of water from aquifers below ground.
2 quake in Hormozgan with several aftershocks jolting various parts of the province, specially the port cities of Jask and Minab.
Those boats would later take opium to Iranian Minab and Bander-Abbas cities, as well as other countries in the Persian Gulf region.