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MINDSMultimedia Instructional Network Delivery System
MINDSMovement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore
MINDSMedical Information Network Distribution Service (Japan)
MINDSMental Illness Needs Discussion Sessions (Southfield, MI)
MINDSMobile Information and New Data Services
MINDSMS-DOS Internal Network Drive Scheme
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Accordingly they maintain that in knowledge we are in direct contact with objects, which may be, and usually are, outside our own minds.
The process of recovery is no other than the ordinary law of association, by which in daily life the sight of one thing or person recalls another to our minds, and by which in scientific enquiry from any part of knowledge we may be led on to infer the whole.
Nothing has been left undone to cripple their intellects, darken their minds, debase their moral nature, obliterate all traces of their relation- ship to mankind; and yet how wonderfully they have sustained the mighty load of a most frightful bond- age, under which they have been groaning for cen- turies
Many things are true which only the commonest minds observe.
Bearing that in mind, be pleased to remember, at the same time, that I am an officer of the law acting here under the sanction of the mistress of the house.
And it is best to fix our minds on that certainty, instead of considering what may be the elements of excuse for us.
This is one instance of that adulation which we bestow on our own minds, and this almost universally.
They were all thinking of him -- some talking of him -- and it quickened their sluggish minds to look at his house.
If he appeared to be in his customary state of mind, Mr.
There flashed into his mind the picture of her mother, of the kiss of greeting, and of the pair of them walking toward him with arms entwined.
This human mind wrote history, and this must read it.
Things which I didn't mind at all, at first, I began to mind now -- and more and more, too, all the time.