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MINDSMultimedia Instructional Network Delivery System
MINDSMovement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore
MINDSMedical Information Network Distribution Service (Japan)
MINDSMental Illness Needs Discussion Sessions (Southfield, MI)
MINDSMobile Information and New Data Services
MINDSMS-DOS Internal Network Drive Scheme
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They argue that, if we cannot know the physical world directly, we cannot really know any thing outside our own minds: the rest of the world may be merely our dream.
This popular view of the Platonic ideas may be summed up in some such formula as the following: 'Truth consists not in particulars, but in universals, which have a place in the mind of God, or in some far-off heaven.
They do not deny that the slaves are held as prop- erty; but that terrible fact seems to convey to their minds no idea of injustice, exposure to outrage, or savage barbarity.
"Many things are true which only the commonest minds observe."
Bearing that in mind, be pleased to remember, at the same time, that I am an officer of the law acting here under the sanction of the mistress of the house.
First, we will grant that many minds, and perhaps those of the philosophers, are entirely free from the least traces of such a passion.
He is glad to see the promise of settled weather now, for getting in the hay, about which the farmers have been fearful; and there is something so healthful in the sharing of a joy that is general and not merely personal, that this thought about the hay-harvest reacts on his state of mind and makes his resolution seem an easier matter.
They were all thinking of him -- some talking of him -- and it quickened their sluggish minds to look at his house.
If he appeared to be in his customary state of mind, Mr.
There flashed into his mind the picture of her mother, of the kiss of greeting, and of the pair of them walking toward him with arms entwined.
"I say I see the criminal, in my mind's eye, creeping stealthily into the room of our Ozma and secreting herself, when no one was looking, until the Princess had gone away and the door was closed.
The instinct of the mind, the purpose of nature, betrays itself in the use we make of the signal narrations of history.