MINEPMinistry of Environment and Protection of Nature
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MINEP training programs for new members emphasized that cooperative values include serving the social interest.
Rather than teaching people who wish to start small businesses to become indentured to a capitalist owner, MINEP trains and educates ordinary Venezuelans on how to run a worker co-operative.
MINEP also offers co-ops computing systems for their business needs.
The MINEP co-op training program was piloted in 2004 with some 3,000 worker managed co-ops being formed.
MINEP (Ministerio para la Economia Popular) (2005) Cooperativismo basico: Eje de formacion sociopolitica.
En la descripcion formal del llamado desarrollo endogeno bolivariano (6) que aparece en la pagina electronica del MINEP, se describen generalidades del siguiente tipo:
BANDES), todas entidades que pasan a ser adscritas al MINEP.