MINEXMine Warfare Exercise
MINEXMinelaying Exercise
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MINEX, an open-cut and underground mine planning system, is available for resource evaluation, pit optimisation, mine design, long-term mine planning, equipment simulation, short-term scheduling, surveying and day-to-day pit operations.
It is also gratifying to have these enhancements confirmed by independent evaluations, like the strong results of our fingerprint algorithm in the recent MINEX III," Kranauskas added.
A naturally occurring sodium potassium alumino-silicate, MINEX offers a distinctive combination of structured properties sought by formulators.
When a vendor submits a fingerprint matcher for MINEX evaluation, the fingerprint matching result is generated by comparing two templates: one template is generated with the feature extractor provided by the same vendor of the matching algorithm and a second template is generated with any of the feature extractors already qualified as MINEX compliant.
Suprema plans to apply its MINEX certified technology to the company's extensive range of fingerprint embedded modules and access control systems.
We were honored to present at MINEX 2011 and pleased to be able to showcase Spectral's mining properties,' said Spectral CEO Jenifer Osterwalder.
VIENNA, VA -- As the results from the MINEX II test is released, Precise Biometrics emerges with the fastest standardized Match-on-Card technology showing outstanding performance.
Recognition Engine matching elements have been certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the MINEX (Minutia Exchange) testing program to meet the United States Government's Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standards.
Fingerprint authentication is directly done with smart cards thanks to the Match-on-card technology, algorithm which successfully passed all the MINEX II tests.
The product has support for international standards for fingerprint templates and builds on the highest ranking fingerprint extractor in the US interoperability program Ongoing MINEX.
Both sensors support industry interoperability standards including MINEX, ANSI 378 and ANSI 381.
Proven performance enhancers in a broad range of architectural paints, OEM and powder coatings, clearcoats and adhesives, MINEX offers premium results to improve all critical paint properties.