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MINGWMinimalistic Gnu for Windows
MINGWMinimalist GNU for Windows (programming)
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[3] Minimalist GNU for Windows(MinGW), http://www.mingw.org/
En el caso de MATLAB, con el fin de garantizar la libre distribucion de dUQx, se utilizo la herramienta GNU gnumex (Birge et al., 2008) para generar una libreria dinamica con codigo nativo accesible desde MATLAB mediante el compilador GNU de C para Windows MinGW (MinGW Team, 2008).
(7.) It may be that the package will compile for Windows with a Unix emulation layer like Cygwin or MinGW.
BitDefender said the Puce.G new P2P worm spreads and infects files through file-sharing software, while the newly listed Jeefo.A file infector is written in MinGW and uses encrypting technologies and can damage files beyond repair.