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MINICAMMiniature Chemical Agent Monitor
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The minicam missed a few abnormalities but detected nine intestinal ulcers, compared with only three found by the CT scan and one by the X ray, says Amy K.
With a minicam, the parent can videotape his or her child at home in isolated moments of creativity and use this as evidence that the child actually has a brain, and is not just some dummy the cat dragged in.
And if there's anything kinky about your partner, get that minicam rolling.
Sales of Minicam air monitors, TOC Analyzers and GCs were strong, especially in the domestic markets.
1996), MiniCAM (IPCC 2000), MS-MRT (Bernstein et al.
Despite the illusion of full-immersion "actuality" provided by the minicam and the helicopter, television's coverage of the riot's angry edge was even more twisted than the melted steel of Crenshaw's devastated shopping centers.