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MINICAMMiniature Chemical Agent Monitor
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The minicam missed a few abnormalities but detected nine intestinal ulcers, compared with only three found by the CT scan and one by the X ray, says Amy K.
With a Sony minicam in one hand and an M-16 in the other, Arenas led the unit to three abandoned laboratories, one of which had a makeshift kitchen with freshly cooked rice and soup on the stove.
They are even planning to tuck a minicam inside the
Perhaps not, but as the audience (and the rest of the planet) already knows by this point in Peter Weir's fascinating 1998 satire, that would be the only nook or cranny on the vast set of Truman Burbank's so-called life where his keepers didn't have a 24-hour minicam. In a film that asks what happens to a life too closely observed, Carrey plays a man so relentlessly "watched" by billions of anonymous fans that he seems little more than a human panda, a tamed pet without any privacy or secrets, indeed without the simple sanctuary of his own bathroom.
Many of his Cuban scenes resemble hand-tinted photographs-an effect that cinematographer Jorg Widmer has achieved with a digital minicam, the most up-to-date of equipment.
A small telescope-like instrument (laparoscope) is inserted through a tiny incision in the abdomen, and a tiny minicam at the end of the laparoscope lets the surgeon view the uterus on a monitor in the operating room.
International conscience follows CNN's minicam crews, which are on the scene to record what war is like when waged between soldiers and civilians.
"With a minicam, the parent can videotape his or her child at home in isolated moments of creativity and use this as evidence that the child actually has a brain, and is not just some dummy the cat dragged in.
Model Documentation for the MiniCAM Climate Change Science Program Stabilization Scenarios: CCSP Product 2.1a.
Sales of Minicam air monitors, TOC Analyzers and GCs were strong, especially in the domestic markets.
1996), MiniCAM (IPCC 2000), MS-MRT (Bernstein et al.
Despite the illusion of full-immersion "actuality" provided by the minicam and the helicopter, television's coverage of the riot's angry edge was even more twisted than the melted steel of Crenshaw's devastated shopping centers.