MINITMinutes In Trail
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Say," he said, beseechingly, "come wid me a minit an' I'll tell yer why.
Come out a minit while I tells yeh why I can't go wid yer.
I should like to see it for a minit, Bill," he says.
Weller, 'for back he come, two minits afore the time, a-bilin' with rage, sayin' how he'd been nearly run over by a hackney-coach that he warn't used to it; and he was blowed if he wouldn't write to the lord mayor.
So 't was before we started, and I hadn't got my gang chained up; so what should she do but ups on a cotton-bale, like a cat, ketches a knife from one of the deck hands, and, I tell ye, she made all fly for a minit, till she saw 't wan't no use; and she jest turns round, and pitches head first, young un and all, into the river,--went down plump, and never ris.
Mike's Minit Man (renamed Mike's Car Wash) was one of the first in the country to go fully automated in 1978.
Bukhari, (2012) 30 Minit Ustaz Don, the last religious program, is a famous program that audience is interested to watch, and it is one of the most successful programs of al-Hijrah.
Even Kroger, Cincinnati, which Planet Retail once worried was missing the small-box opportunity, now is dabbling in the space using its Turkey Hill Minit Market convenience format.
We had a chance of a doctor, and if he could do no good for our bodies, sure the priest could for our souls; and then we'd be buried along wid our own people, in the ould church-yard, with the green sod over us; instead of dying like rotten sheep thrown into a pit, and the minit the breath is out of our bodies, flung into the sea to be eaten up by them horrid sharks.
The Top Tech Executive Award was presented to Gabe Olives, vice president of IT and petroleum for Turkey Hill Minit Markets.
PRIDE OF PLACE AMONG the objects to be proud of listed from Birmingham are: A section of first successful communications cable laid across the Atlantic ocean, connecting Europe with America; William Murdock's steam locomotive; a pattern penny made at the Soho Minit in Handsworth; a steam engine clock barometer; a copper statue of the standing Buddha from Sultanganj, North India.