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MINITRACKMinimum Weight Tracking System
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A position was therefore computed on the basis of a rough Minitrack observation made the previous day (which gave time only).
Arnold serves as a chair for the HICSS Minitrack on Electronic Marketing and is the Web Site Editor for the Journal of Management Information Systems.
He is active in the ACM Hypertext conferences and co-chairs the Hypermedia in Information Systems minitrack at the annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
First, using the 108 MHz radio signals which the US satellites were planned to emit, and which would be received by a worldwide network of 'Minitrack' radio stations (1).
He was the general chair for CASE |90, cosponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, a minitrack coordinator on IPSE/Software Development Environments, and a minitrack coordinator on CASE technology for the Hawaiian International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS-24) in 1991 and repeated the CASE minitrack at HICSS-25 in January 1992.
This was a French version of the United States MINITRACK interferometer setup to track transmitting satellites (only American at this time).