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MINIXMinimal Unix
MINIXMicrowave Ionosphere Nonlinear Interaction Experiment
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The miniX is a field-hardened fiber (Gigabit-Ethernet) to Ethernet-over-Coax intelligent media converter.
Speaking at the 2006 Cause Marketing Forum in New York City, Minix said she and her team learned several valuable lessons that summer, each of which underscored the value of corporate partners.
11, the response we saw from companies proactively seeking us out to do something was extremely overwhelming and unprecedented," says Casey Minix, senior associate of marketing relationships at the American Red Cross, Washington.
Examples include object migration in Eden [Lazowska, et al., 1981]; MINIX [Louboutin, 1991]; Galaxy [Sinha et al., 1991]; work by Dediu [1992]; EMPS [van Dijk and van Gils, 1992]; object migration for OSF DCE, DC++ [Schill and Mock, 1993]; work by Petri and Langendorfer [1995]; MDX [Schrimpf, 1995]; and many more.
In the 1980s, Tanenbaum, a Dutch professor of computer science and a specialist in designing operating systems, wrote an operating system called MINIX to help his students learn the complexities of UNIX on their home computers.
Minix has retired from the Atlanta-based risk and claims management provider, Crawford & Co.
He based his efforts on a similar Unix project called Minix that Dutch professor Andrew Tannenbaum was teaching his students.
It was decided that the easiest way to obtain this software was to emulate Unix and then to run Unix and MINIX [25] compilers and other utilities on top of it.
Our generous raffle prize donors included: Wall Street Embroidery & Silk Screening, the Thompson family, Maria Steiling, Sara Minix, Hannah Craft, Hallie Gates, Dale's Southlake Pharmacy, The Brass Horn Too, MHS Impressive Designs, Dee Franz, Giggles, Pizza Factory, Sharp Edges (Brooks family), the Rapp family, Star Nails, the Craft family, Heather Johnson & family, Del's (Trudy Jacobs), Penelope Boutique, River Coffee Company, Del's Downtown, Farmhouse & Main, and Kourtney Kantor.