MINLMercer Investment Nominees Limited (Australia)
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([D.sup.t- 1][([y.sup.t],[x.sup.t])).sup.-1] = minl s.t.
Air quantity, air excess and mass flow rate for the two studied fuels Fuel minL [lamdba] [m.sub.fuel] [kg/s] Kerosene 14.6 4.6 0.0983 Biogas 4.57 4.3 0.3355
des/r&d/t&e/val/ot CEESIM Portable des/r&d/t&e/val/ot Flignt Line EW des/r&d/t&e/val/ot MRES t/t&e/ot PICO AMES r&d/t/t&e/ot Avitronics PO Box 8492 Centurion, South Africa 0046 +27-12-6726029 Fax: +27-12-6726020 Email: gradloff@grintek.com LWST 300/Laser Warning System Tester fl t&e MAWT 300/Missile Approach Warning tester fl t&e Minl Rader Signal Simulator fl t&e BAE Systems PO Box 868 Nashua, NH 03061-0868 (603) 885-2484 Fax: +(603) 885-0350 Email: michael.I.dodge@baesystems.com AN/USM-406D fl tester AN/USM-464 t&e AN/USM-638 fl line tester AN/USM-639 testing EDNA (Enhanced Diagnostic Aid) fl testing Computer Science and Applications, Inc.
Complexity was measured by using the MINL, a highly correlated surrogate of the Hirschman-Herfindahl index (Schmalansee, 1977).
Lastly, complexity, or heterogeneity in the environment, was assessed using the MINL formula of sales concentration (Schmalensee, 1977).
This was viewed as an index of the degree of volatility in industry sales (Keats & Hitt, 1988); and (3) Complexity was measured using the MINL formula of sales concentration developed by Schmalensee (1977) to approximate a Herfindahl-Hirschman index of industry complexity (Boyd, 1990).