MINLPMixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming
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In this section, an MINLP model is presented to study the problem of setting up the optimum hierarchical system on a line segment considering two service-distance constraints.
2) proposing and studying two hybrid population-based metaheuristics (EMA-VNS and EMA-SA) for solving MINLP model of the SCND problem.
In recent paper by Klansek and Psunder (2012), the capability of the MINLP optimization to solve a specific nonlinear discrete network problem was shown on the nonlinear discrete time-cost trade-off problem.
Dentre todas as alteracoes realizadas, a consideracao de fabricas pode ser considerada como a de maior ruptura, porque foi a unica que demandou a alteracao da tipologia original do problema de NLP para MINLP.
Production sequences at every machine and each stage, the cycle time, the batch size for each product at each stage, number of production cycle during horizon time and processing start time of each item at each stage which minimize the average of the relevant costs per unit time are simultaneously modeled using MINLP (Mixed Integer Non Linear Program).
Different transformations for solving non-convex trim-loss problems by MINLP.
2001) presented a superstructure-based MINLP approach to the RNS in an equation-oriented environment comprising isothermal and non-isothermal reaction problems.
An MINLP process synthesizer for sequential modular simulator.
It is important to note that the optimized design of the Petlyuk column can be obtained using MINLP techniques (Grossmann et al.
The QFD decision problem in this paper is reformulated as a MINLP model aiming to maximize overall customer satisfaction with the consideration of the enterprises' capability, cost, and resource constraints.