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MINSMultisource Integrated Notification System
MINSMare Island Naval Shipyard
MINSMinors in Need of Supervision
MINSMarine Inertial Navigation System
MINSMarketing and Information Systems
MINSMushuau Innu Natuashish School (Canada)
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Cameron Jerome, 79 mins, Sheff Utd (a, League Cup) W 4-2
Niki: Cooked lunch for family and friends - 90 mins.
7 mins Radek Sirl makes great covering clearance as Jean-Claude Darcheville threatens for Rangers.
Break two hours Mar 3 - 35 mins jog 4 (6x1minfast in I middle), Mar 4-r Rest or jog 30 mins (very easy), Mar 5- 60 mins teady jog, Mar 6 - 40 mins jog (4x2 mins fast in middle), Mar 7 - Rest or jog 30 mins very easy, Mar 8 - 45 mins jog (20 mins faster in middle), Mar 9 - 50 mins steady jog.
Sunday's event was thePhoenix CC Open 25 Mile Time Trial won in excellent style by James Stewart in 57 mins 11 secs and he led the winning team with support from his brother Barry 59 mins 40 secs and Steve Glenright one hr three mins 13 secs.
Warm-up Test game time: V Scot 61 mins ISAAC BOSS Not one of the bookies' favourites to make the cut but earned his place on the back of robust performances for leinster.
93 mins Fatih Tekke crosses for Konstatin Zyryanov to stab home from a yard for 2-0 seconds before the final whistle.
However the event was won by Fibrax/Wrexham Road Club rider Paul Holt in fine style with a time of 54 mins 44 secs.
Subs: D Hamilon for Boland, 63 mins; L Maxwell for Kavanagh, 63 mins; L Fortune-West for Earnshaw, 68 mins; C Barker for Croft, 73 mins; A Legg for Whaley, 73 mins.
Gethin was the winner last year and won again with a time of three hrs 53 mins 48secs,beating David Johnson, who did four hrs four mins and 51secs.