MINTIEMinimum Test Instrumentation Equipment
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From Jean Mintie in Le Calvaire, whose self-awarded glory cornes from faine earned by writing nothing--from L'Abbe Jules, eponymous hero of Mirbeau's second novel (1888), whose pedagogy eschews education and proscribes reading--to later works whose heroes are clean-burning mechanisms, carburetors mixing the fuel of life with a character's aggression (La 628-E8 [1907]), Mirbeau's novels act as engines that expel nothing as exhaust.
Jean Mintie in Le Calvaire expresses the same thought explicitly.
Mintie was later returned to his 80-year-old owner, who said she was very relieved to get him back unharmed.
Brown, Renee, Brian Fallon, Jessica Lott, Elizabeth Matthews, and Elizabeth Mintie. "Taking on Turnitin: Tutors Advocating Change." Writing Center journal 27.1 (2007): 7-28.
2008 Renee Brown, Brian Fallon, Jessica Lott, Elizabeth Matthews, and Elizabeth Mintie, "Taking on Turnitin: Tutors Advocating Change"
Elizabeth Mintie is a seventh grade Language Arts teacher at Wildwood Middle School in the Rockwood School District near St.
Wayne Hansen ( is director of engineering for the NIAQ Division of Mintie Corp., Los Angeles.
An aggressive approach to maintaining heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment will pay dividends far in excess of costs, advises James Mintie, executive vice president of Mintie Corporation, a Los Angeles-based HVAC consulting firm.
"People are obviously more concerned and aware of what is happening to their indoor environments," says Mintie. "Looking at indoor air quality right from the design phase makes a building more marketable than the one going up next door.
"Unfortunately, the first indicator is usually building occupants complaining of health or comfort problems while working in the building," says Jim Mintie, executive vice president, The Mintie Corporation, air quality consultant.