MINURCAUnited Nations Mission in the Central African Republic
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Three years after the end of MINURCA and seven years after France had intervened, the government France had helped to prop up was overthrown.
MINURCA is scheduled to leave 90 days after the results of the elections.
To succeed, African leaders must see MINURCA as the start of such a process and not just as an attempt by France to pass off responsibility for an unprofitable territory to the UN.
UNAMA (Afghanistan, 2002-present); UNAVEM III (Angola, 1991-1995); UNAVEM III (Angola, 1995-1997); MONUA (Angola, 1997-1999); MINURCA (Central African Republic, 1998-2000); ONUMUZ (Mozambique, 1992-1994); UNSOM I (Somalia, 1992-1993); UNSOM II (Somalia, 1993-1995); ONUSAL (El Salvador, 1991-1995); MINUGA (Guatemala, 1997); UNTAC (Cambodia, 1992-1993); UNMOT (Tajikistan, 1994-2000); UNTAES (Croatia, 1996-1998); MONUC (Congo, 2000-present); UNAMSIL (Sierra Leone, 1999-present); UNTAET (East Timor, 1999-present); UNMIBH (Bosnia, 1995-present).
Mission in the Central MINURCA March 27, -- African Republic 1998-Feb.
Mission in the Central African MINURCA -- Republic March 27, 1998- Feb.
Mission in the MINURCA March 27, -- Central African Republic 1998-Feb.