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MINUSTAH Blue Helmets have been held responsible for the epidemic as well, the result of their having polluted one of the country's main rivers (NotiCen, Nov.
After the earthquake, the resourcing of MINUSTAH was improved following further challenges including a cholera outbreak in October 2010.
Politica militar do Governo de Rousseff: reflexoes sobre a atuacao das Forcas Armadas nas UPP e na MINUSTAH
7) MINUSTAH engaged in brutal repression in poor neighbourhoods that supported FL.
The cholera case is a test case in how difficult the task of holding MINUSTAH accountable can be.
This article argues that the ideological and discursive practices found in both scholarly and journalistic venues preceding and during the current occupation by MINUSTAH echo those deployed immediately before and during the occupation of Haiti by U.
But mainly MINUSTAH did not protect, like when the SOPUDEP school for the poor was occupied by heavily armed paramilitaries, when street children were massacred, when MINUSTAH participated in massive raids such as "Clean Sweep Bel Air.
hindered the efforts of MINUSTAH and other international donors to build
Masood Khan said that Pakistan appreciated the Secretary-General's consolidation plan, which narrowed the focus of MINUSTAH to security, governance, the rule of law, and respect for human rights.
Indeed, we must thank Aldunate for reminding us that MINUSTAH, like any institution, is full of human actors, and not the evil machine for which it has become known.
Shortly after the outbreak, many Haitians questioned whether the MINUSTAH (French acronym for the United Nations mission in Haiti, Mission des Nations Unies pour la Stabilisation en Haiti) base just outside Mirebalais might be the source.
peacekeepers from the force, known as the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti or MINUSTAH, according to the resolution passed by the council.